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Look Into Everything,Explore & Examine (LIEEE) Center is a new association for publishing new journals in different fields regarding "look into everything, explore & examine " view. LIEEE Association was established in 2013 for all the interested researchers all over the world associated with various fields of science. New original papers are welcomed to be submitted in the group and new ideas too. Also we invite reviewers and editors to assist us to promote the group. The association aims at preparing an appropriate situation for researchers, authors, publishers, etc. So it goes through doing ordered researches, designing logo, mark, cover designs for book/journal publishers, etc. too.

To contact us for designing  logo, mark, cover designs for book/journal publishers, etc, send email to ""

If there is any question , feel free to contact us via "".

To contact us for publishing your papers, doing researches, etc, send email to ""

  LIEEE Association


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Enjoy Teaching Journal

ETJ is a journal in LIEEE which aims at changing the world's insights into researching. Every researcher who can think in a new way and believes in our slogan " Look into everything, Explore & Examine " is invited to cooperate with us as author or reviewer.

Enjoy Teaching Journal (ETJ) aims at following LIEEE's slogan in teaching, learning, education,analysis of different fields and various researching methods or any other field which is related to these aspects.

ISSN: 2345-4962

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