Enjoy Teaching Journal

ETJ is a new journal in LIEEE which aims at changing the world's insights into researching. Every researcher who can think in a new way and believes in our slogan " Look into everything, Explore & Examine " is invited to cooperate with us as author or reviewer.


LIEEE Centre was established in 2013 for all the interested researchers all over the world associated with various fields of science. LIEEE is running in "www.lieee.org" in Iran.


Enjoy Teaching Journal (ETJ) aims at following LIEEE's slogan in teaching, learning, education,analysis of different fields and various researching methods or any other field which is related to these aspects.


Types of Papers

Original article: Covering new trends in research and science

Review article: Covering additional information from earlier published papers

Classroom experiences: Covering significant, interesting and novel experiences in teachers' classrooms

Case study: Containing case report

Opinion: Ideas about scientific results

Book reviews: Ideas about published books

If you are interested in submitting your paper to us , please download the ETJ Template (About/submission/author guidelines) in MS word.

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Call for papers in English and persian

ETJ journal invites researchers and authors to submit their own new papers in persian or English bout education, teaching and learning for next issue.

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Any question , contact to etj@lieee.org

فراخوان مقاله در حوزه آموزش به دو زبان فارسی و انگلیسی
Posted: 2018-06-16

ETJ was indexed in EBSCO

LIEEE is glad to inform you that ETJ has been indexed in EBSCO database recently.  
Posted: 2014-05-24
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Vol 6 (2018): December

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